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How to Maximise Google Drive for Online Language Teaching

When you’re teaching languages online there’s some tools you’ll use more than others. A big one is Google Drive, which is why in this post, I’m digging deep and you’ll learn how to maximise Google Drive for online teaching. Firstly, if you’re unfamiliar with Google Drive, you’ll need to sign up. But rather than sign…

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"Descending" votes and voices

From Elliott Penegar: I was reading school board minutes (don’t ask) and noticed that the board secretary had noted several times that a board member had cast a “descending vote.”  I thought, “What was the member doing, voting while walking down the stairs?” No. She evidently meant “dissenting vote.” But it was “descending” each and…

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Tentative "would"?

Andrew Kaczynski, “Pence calls Assange tweets about ‘Pence takeover’ of White House ‘absurd’ and ‘offensive’“, CNN News 3/14/2017: Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that two tweets from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claiming a possible “Pence takeover” of the White House were “absurd” and “frankly offensive.” “I would find all of that dialogue to be…

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IWTYAL 171: RE-BROADCAST – I’m too busy to learn a language (2/3)

This is a re-broadcast of the most popular 3-part series from the podcast. I answer the question: “I’m simply too busy to learn languages. How can I find the time?” In this episode: How to use the power of the “One Thing” to make massive progress towards your goals The importance of saying “no” How…

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The 10 Best Onsen Resort Towns in Japan

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Traveling Jobs: Get Paid to Travel Using Your Language Skills

Have you ever dreamed of hopping on a plane and seeing the world but asked yourself “How am I going to pay for it?” Don’t worry, there is a way to fund your travel adventures that doesn’t involve spending your savings or draining your bank account. You can be paid to travel the world. The…

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The accommodation

Yesterday in phonetics class we were discussing accommodation — the way that people adapt the way they talk depending on who they’re talking with — and I noted that broadcast interview programs are a natural source of evidence, since the same host speaks at length with many different guests. Previous posts have looked at accommodation in…

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If we have learned nothing in this election

From Allison Stanger, “Understanding the Angry Mob at Middlebury That Gave Me a Concussion“, NYT 3/13/2017 [emphasis added]: Students are in college in part to learn how to evaluate sources and follow up on ideas with their own research. The Southern Poverty Law Center incorrectly labels Dr. Murray a “white nationalist,” but if we have…

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"Look, the bill needs fixed"

Ohio Gov. John Kasich grew up in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, just across the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, and has retained many dialect features from the Pittsburgh region. Notably, Kasich, like others from the area, would say “The car needs washed” rather than “The car needs to be washed” or “The car needs washing.” (The Yale…

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The pronunciation of "sudoku" in English

I find Japanese pronunciation to be straightforward and easy.  But, for some reason, many people murder Japanese words borrowed into English.  Take “karaoke“, for example.  I hear Americans pronouncing it as something like “carry Okie”.  How did that get started?  You can listen to the Japanese pronunciation here.  Cf. the UK and US pronunciations here….

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