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Newsletter: Make the Most out of Your Canton Fair Trip, Start Preparing Now

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Michael Michelini (@michelini) here. You’re getting this email because you requested my periodic thoughts on international business from Hong Kong. [Edit: Actually, it’s possible that you’ve never gotten an email from me. Somebody might have just given you the link to this page, which is an online archive of an email…

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The Differences Between East And West In Terms Of Culture And Education

It’s said that East and West can never meet up. As they differ in history, religion, political system and so on; differences are clearly seen in Eastern and Western ways to deal with education. Eastern world refers to nations in the Asia and Middle East whereas Western world refers to North and South America, Europe,…

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Most visited sites on the internet

Through traffic monitoring company, Alexa. Most popular websites on the internet The post Most visited sites on the internet appeared first on Michael Tyler.. Source: Life in China Permalink: Most visited sites on the internet Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Interview with Lita, China’s WeChat Cookie Queen

If you’ve never heard of Lita (also known as China’s cookie queen on WeChat) you’re missing out on some heavenly desserts. Especially her pie cookies. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Lita came to China looking for adventure, and found a husband here as well as her groove in the baking business. She opened Sweet Tooth…

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The difficulty of choosing

I am an indecisive person. But I have a strange form of indecisiveness: it doesn’t really affect my big decisions in life, only the trivial, non important stuff. Like buying things. When I go shopping, for example to buy clothes, I always need to check everything first and then decide if there is something I like….

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Preventing Amazon FBA Suspensions and Dealing with the Nightmare with CJ Rosenbaum – GFA166

Today we are at episode 166, and recording this intro live in a meetup here in Shenzhen marketing meetup. I have on the intro, Cherish Liu – who is working on the team of our guest today at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. She’s been a listener for years, came to our Cross Border Summit and i’m…

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Portland City Guide

Portland has been on our must-visit list since forever. We heard it was a hipster mecca with an exploding vegetarian and vegan scene way back and its green credentials and continued commitment to sustainability made us even more excited to get to see the city for ourselves. Portland Green City Guide Portland is a trailblazer…

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4 Awkward Things I’ve Heard in China as a Married Woman With No Kids – Pub’d on WWAM Bam

Today, the group blog WWAM Bam just ran my latest post, 4 Awkward Things I’ve Heard in China as a Married Woman With No Kids. Here’s an excerpt from the article: In a China where “married with kids” is the unspoken rule, I’m the ultimate oddity – a longtime married woman who has no children. I…

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Izzy 終於冒了兩顆牙出來。而且是一次兩顆。   我們一直為她晚上睡不好找藉口,感冒啊,長牙啊,肚子餓啊,等等的。之前咬玩具咬得很兇,我們一直覺得她牙齒一定快長出來了,結果最近不太咬玩具,牙齒就冒出來了。偏偏在我們決定訓練她晚上睡過夜的時候冒牙齒出來,再不舒服也哭不到爸媽去抱她,真是可憐的梅子餅。 九個月後,Izzy 晚上醒來找我去喝奶喝飽以後常常不睡,想跟媽媽玩。不久之後就變成,一個想睡睡不著,一個愛睡卻硬撐,兩個都不開心。兩個星期前決定該是訓練Izzy 晚上自己睡了,一開始決定如果晚上三點之前醒來的話,爸爸媽媽都不會去看她,哭也沒有用。三點以後醒來的話可以喝點奶,但是媽媽不會留在她房間跟她玩、拍她睡。頭三天這小隻都是三點以前醒來,哭得很厲害,不過睡回去以後都睡到六點多,所以一整晚都沒有喝到奶。後兩天晚上睡著一直到三點多才醒來我去餵她,幫她換尿布,然後報她回床上,她也是哭得很厲害。第一個星期Izzy 跟媽媽都沒有因為睡眠訓練而得到更多睡眠,所以決定晚上不管什麼時候醒來都不餵奶了。下了那個決定的那天晚上,小隻的一連哭了一個半小時。接下來幾天哭半小時、二十分鐘。書上跟朋友都說睡眠訓練四天到一個星期就好了,Izzy 已經睡眠訓練兩個星期了。現在晚上還是會醒來哭,不過不會太久。這小隻的爸媽兩個人都是頑固得不得了的人,不管遺傳基因怎麼組合,小隻的都只有固執這個命,睡眠訓練應該快好了吧?! 頭兩顆牙就在烏煙瘴氣的睡眠訓練中冒出來了。小隻的並沒有特別不舒服的樣子。終於讓我們盼到了。我每次看到小牙齒就想到一首歌:「月兒彎彎 掛在天上………..盼啊盼那情郎…」,腦子裡哼著盼啊盼啊盼啊,終於給我們盼到了兩顆牙齒。 牙也長了,晚上也睡好些了,不知不覺長得好大了 Source: Life in China Permalink: 兩顆牙 Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

What To Do Before You Go To The Bank Application

So you have the company setup, and now you are working on getting your bank account setup. Today, hopefully you read this article BEFORE you go in. Many entrepreneurs I work with fly into Hong Kong just to apply for the bank account, so it’s important you get it right the first time. Else it…

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