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Deciding Where to Best Setup Your Business in China for Taxes with Fabian Knopf

Thank you Fabian for coming on the show – a lot of people ask where in China they should set up their company. Topics Covered in this Episode Connector. Intro Fabian Could you tell our audience a little bit about yourself? Connector. Memories in China Could you walk us through how you decided to come…

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怎麼突然十一個月了?去年的這個時候我們才搭火車一路從西岸晃到東岸,把家當都搬到新家,每天晚餐後挺著一個肚子出門散步。小隻的還不會走路,不過會自己站著了。幾個星期前還搖搖晃晃,現在可以站個幾秒鐘。可以牽著小手走幾步路。 春天到了,天氣暖和起來。前幾天天氣好的時候我們坐在外面草地,小隻的上次去躺在草地上的時候還不會爬,現在早就家裡四處爬,沒有在家裡定點鋪毯子讓她玩耍了。一整個冬天過後再出去草地上,鋪上毯子,小鬼馬上從毯子中間爬到邊緣,然後一手按在草地上,整個人縮回來,很無奈地轉頭看媽媽,這綠綠刺刺的搞什麼鬼?花了差不多兩天小鬼才接受草地並不可怕。 可怕的東西還有很多……..買了一雙鞋子要給小猴子穿。包裝打開,鞋子魔鬼氈打開,還沒套到腳上小隻的就哭了起來。這什麼東西?為什麼要抓腳腳?過幾天爺爺奶奶來帶小猴子,爺爺先把鞋子套在小隻的不娃娃兔子腳上,又套在爺爺的大拇指上,最後套在小猴子小上,然後就大哭大哭。先當玩具玩玩,熟悉了以後再試試吧。希望對鞋子不再恐懼的時候這雙鞋還穿得上。 現在天氣好,把小猴子放在嬰兒背包裡,出門散步去。 Source: Life in China Permalink: 十一個月 Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Marrying Someone from Your Culture Is No Guarantee of Happiness

The other night, I received a frantic message from one of my closest friends back home. “I’m getting divorced,” she typed to me in an online chat. It was the culmination of years of troubles brewing between her and her husband. They had fought over their beliefs. She was fed up with how almost all…

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A Drag Queen’s Romance

As folklore goes, during Ming Dynasty, there was a talented and good-looking young scholar named Zhou Wenbin living in beautiful lake city Hangzhou, and Zhou Wenbin had a friend named Zhu Zhishan who was like a celebrity watcher and feared by many elite families. During a Lantern Festival in the lunar January 15, Zhishan visited Wenbin and the…

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Brighton Vegetarian Guide

Brighton is one of the UK’s most vegetarian and vegan-friendly cities. In this Brighton vegetarian guide, we reveal Brighton’s best vegetarian lunch spots. Brighton’s vegetarian food scene is awesome. Think beetroot falafel wraps and oversized sushi rolls. Vegetarian pub grub and chunky veg burgers. Summer salads and winter bean stews. Best Budget Vegetarian Lunch in…

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5 popular destinations for travelling where disease is still rife

Travelling is rewarding and exciting. But with new experiences come new risks. Travelling to foreign places, which can be undeveloped and unhygienic, can expose you to bacterial, fungal and parasitic illnesses. Even in popular countries, poor sanitation and unwashed food is rife. What’s more, diseases can be passed on from insect and bug bites, flies…

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Flying Into Hong Kong or Shenzhen

Flying in or out of Hong Kong and looking for flights? Well, which airline and which airport depend on where you are looking to go. Today we’ll share some tips and tricks on finding good flights to and from Hong Kong International Airport, (HKIA), also known as HKG for the airport codes. Also, if you…

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Business Matchmaking At The Cross Border Summit

The Cross Border Summit here in Shenzhen, China is about a lot of things – learning and staying on top of the latest trends in e-commerce in and out of China – but also its about making relationships. Last year we noticed a lot of people making deals and talking business, so much that we…

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3 Reasons You Can’t Miss The Upcoming Cross Border Summit

We wrote this for our friends at Shenzhen Party – but want to also share to our readers here as well- enjoy! Join an Exclusive E-Commerce Business Event Here in Shenzhen, China Are you a high level executive or founder in an e-commerce business? Then you can’t miss the upcoming, second annual, Cross Border Summit…

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Deutsche Welle’s “Emotionally Appealing Content”

– Emotionally appealing … The German federal government plans to increase its funding of Deutsche Welle (DW) by 11.2 mn Euros in 2018,  Medienkorrespondenz (MK), a media news magazine from Bonn, reports. That would be a total of 325.6 mn Euros. In addition, DW has earnings from sponsors, according to Deutsche Welle law (article 11)….

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