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Video Lesson: I Have a Pair of Earrings.

Your dress is nice, but I think you need a pair of earrings to match your outfit. Exercises in the Video: 1. A: What can I do for you?     B: … What would she say? Please choose the best answer.     Wǒ yào yì tào yǎnjìng. A. 我  要   一   套  眼镜。…

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Answer to Video Lesson: I Have a Pair of Earrings.

<<Back to “Video Lesson: I Have a Pair of Earrings” Answers: 1.C 2.C Got questions? Take a Free 1-to-1 live online lesson with our professional teachers from China. Source: Influenceur Chinois Permalink: Answer to Video Lesson: I Have a Pair of Earrings. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Answer to Can You Put These Radicals Together to Form Characters?

Answers: 1.竞 (Jìng): compete; contest; strong; powerful. Stroke Order: 2.阔 (Kuò):wide, rich, broad. Stroke Order: 3.染 (Rǎn): acquire (a bad habit, etc.); soil; contaminate. Stroke Order: <<Back to “Can You Put These Radicals Together to Form Characters?” Still got questions? Take a Free 1-to-1 live online lesson with our professional teachers from China. Source:…

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Can You Put These Radicals Together to Form Characters?

According to the Pinyin given in each question, take the character parts (A, B etc.) and put them together into a character that goes along with the Pinyin. Example: Pinyin— Hàn: A. 又   B. 氵 Answer: 汉 (Hàn): Chinese, name of a dynasty, Han. Stroke order: Now, answer the following in the same manner…

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Not-So-Hermit Kingdom

Hermit Kingdom. Closed off. Secretive. Unpredictable. The phrases commonly used in media to describe North Korea don’t exactly lend themselves to a tourism campaign, and it’s hardly surprising. It’s a strange place—at least, to outsiders—that can often seem trapped in a bygone era. You could be forgiven for thinking that the country is entirely closed…

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Project Pengyou Leadership Fellow at Princeton High School, Winona Guo, Co-Authors a Textbook on Racial Literacy

High schoolers Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi realized they weren’t accustomed to talking about race during the Eric Garner case, and unrest in Ferguson, MO which gained national attention and stirred dialogue on racial tensions in America. Instead of giving up and feeling powerless, they decided to do something about it. Together, they approached different people…

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NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: The Project Pengyou Leadership Fellows Program

Now Accepting Applications for the 2017 Fall Project Pengyou Leadership Fellows Program! Project Pengyou is recruiting American and Chinese students with first-hand experience in both the US and China to join our nationwide Leadership Network and lead the establishment of a Project Pengyou chapter on their campus. Leadership Fellows will receive an exclusive invitation to participate in…

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Hoffman Academy 2.0 Giveaway & Review!

In January 2017, our favorite online piano program, Hoffman Academy,  updated and launched Hoffman Academy 2.0 which has several new features on their website that will make learning music much more effective and fun. Today, I’m honored to test it out with my kids, write a review, and hold a GIVEAWAY for you to try it out as…

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“Miao Mi” App Helps Children Learn Mandarin Chinese at Home and On The Go

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by App Masters for “Miao Mi” APP.  All opinions are my own. It is difficult for parents in North America to find quality Chinese language learning resources for their kids,” said Todd Miller, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment, a leading media company in Asia that creates and operates popular channels…

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Chinese Lesson – On the Plane

It’s been a long journey so far learning Chinese related to air travel. We picked up some air travel vocabulary, booked a flight, and used Chinese at the airport. Finally, it’s time to board the plane and take the flight. Today’s Chinese lesson is about being on the plane. Boarding the Flight While you’re waiting,…

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