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Preventing Amazon FBA Suspensions and Dealing with the Nightmare with CJ Rosenbaum – GFA166


Today we are at episode 166, and recording this intro live in a meetup here in Shenzhen marketing meetup. I have on the intro, Cherish Liu – who is working on the team of our guest today at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. She’s been a listener for years, came to our Cross Border Summit and i’m so happy she is making big moves as this law firm expands to China.

So this guest is a great interview – CJ Rosenbaum shares insights on how to prevent, as well as deal with the Amazon FBA gods come down and destroy your life. He doesn’t hold anything back and shares tips and insights on how to deal, let’s listen in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro CJ Rosenbaum

    Could you please start with by telling our audience a little bit about yourself?

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    Career in Law

    You have been a lawyer for , like 21 years. Tell us why made you decide to stick with law as your career.

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    Lawyer Company

    When did you started your amazon seller’s lawyer company? What made you decided to help Amazon sellers to regain their suspend account?

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    Suspended Accounts

    Can you briefly tell our audiences main reasons why their accounts get suspended by amazon? And what to do when their account get suspended?

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    Common mistakes

    Could you tell us more about the common mistakes that Chinese sellers make that caused amazon to suspend their account.

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    Chinese vs American Sellers

    Are there any differences between the problem that Chinese sellers and American sellers face when they come to your service?

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    Process duration

    How long does it usually takes to process different types of cases? Are there anything sellers can do to minimize the lost during the suspension.

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    Trademark Cases

    It seems like counterfeiting products is a Chinese amazon seller will face, Tell us a little bit about trademark cases that you had dealt with?

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    Advice to Sellers

    In what cases do sellers have to pay close attention to it. Any suggestions for sellers?

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    How can people reach out to you and your business?

Advantages Chinese sellers have for having multiple accounts than US based sellers


People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

√ Wechat – amazonsellerslawyer

Episode Length 33:36

Thank you CJ – and so cool we had Cherish here at the meetup to do this intro and outro recording. Cherish, you just went to NYC last month and watched a polar bear swim? These crazy foreigners are nuts. Lol, but next year when you go back you’ll be jumping in, right?!

Thanks everyone for listening today – and of course – Cross Border Summit getting close – april 21-22 here in Shenzhen, China. Cherish will be here again Cross Border Summit .com is where you can get it!

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