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Anyone tried Domino Chinese?

Looks pretty interesting. Though it is taught by foreigners, it builds on each other rather than learning most common or HSK levels in order. Just a new method that might work for others. It claims to teach up to HSK5 (with 6 on the way). Has about 300hrs video lessons, divided into 20 levels, and after level 10 it’s all completely in Chinese. Each lesson has a 100 question lesson mastery test at the end too. And each lesson is broken into 1-5min vids, for a total of 20-30min for each lesson. Anywhere, the site has more info. Also, it’s a pay what you think it’s worth subscription plan, which is very cool.

Anyway, curious if anyone has tried it. I’m thinking of taking a go. Currently using YoYo Chinese and Tuttle’s 800 Character method. Plan to likely use Glossika and maybe FluentU in the future too for that authentic native accent. But this might be good to try as it’s a different method. I like the idea more than podcasts. Thoughts?

Link to site http://www.dominochinese.com

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NinchaMachine • February 15, 2017

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  • Felix Lättman


    It looks like you’ve understood our approach very well.
    The idea is that I was a foreigner and had major struggles learning
    Chinese myself so if anyone can identify with that Domino is here for
    We’ve only very recently published all of our content so now we’re
    gathering success stories. After only 9 weeks anyone will be able to
    write (with characters) and say anything they want in everyday Chinese.

    And, like you said, after level 10 we call in Juju, a Chinese native, to go through the lessons with me completely in Chinese.
    I’m sure you’ll love it!

    Felix, founder of Domino Chinese