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Can someone translate this?

Hye, 2 weeks ago i accedently installed a virus that installed (i think) a chinese program called “UCbrowser”, i want to uninstall it but it’s written in (i think) chinese. Can someone please translate this for me? And if it isn’t chinese please tell me.

enter image description here

Tank you to the people that want to help me.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit on this forum or if it’s “wrong” for antoher reason but i don’t know eny other place where i can get help for this and i can’t copy it for google translate. I really need to get rid of this. I’ve already worked for 2 weeks and i’m not done jet. And it is possible that i’m gonna post some other questions like this if i don’t know what i have to do in the uninstall proces.

[I’m gonna delete this post as soon as i can when my problem is solved becuse i know this can’t help other people, so please don’t flag this post.]

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Can someone translate this?


NinchaMachine • January 23, 2017

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